Les Condos Crescent

Les Condos Crescent is a multi-residential project located in the heart of downtown Montreal on the famous Crescent St. From the initial project launch to the final advertisment campaigns, a range of digital and tranditional marketing materials were developped at each stage of the project. A selected few works are listed below.

Out-of-Home (OOH) Campaigns, 2013-2014
Les Condos Crescent Super-Board Billboard Advertisement by Webmovement Les Condos Crescent Super-Board Billboard Advertisement by Webmovement
Digital Billboards Campaign, Fall 2014: Piloting Pattison’s launch of digital billboards, a daily countdown was launched accross multiple locations in the city to highlight the upcoming delivery of the project.
Les Condos Crescent Digital Billboard Advertisement by Webmovement
Print Advertisements, 2013-2014
Les Condos Crescent Print Advertisement, Metro Newspaper Frontpage
Pre-launch website: Teaser website with sign-up for lead generation.
Email Campaigns: Part of a series of eblasts, this campaign dynamically generated a countdown every time the email was opened.
Digital Banners: A series of banners were created for Adwords, AdSense and other advertising networks. Dynamic banners were developed with the latest HTML5 standards, allowing for dynamic content while maintaining cross-platform and mobile compatibility.

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